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Shelly Walters Realty Group

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First Time Home Buyers

""Thank you for all your work and dedication for helping my daughter and son-in-law find their first home. I know how difficult it must've been with the million and one questions and then living in North Carolina, but you were AWESOME!""

- Beth B, Martinsville, IN


Home Purchase

"'Our recent home search and subsequent purchase was the best experience we have had and we owe that to Shelly's efforts. This was our 3rd home to buy and we have used several other agents locally and in other states. Shelly by far worked harder than any we have used. Using the Internet to search for properties, and inundated Shelly with potential places; she researched all and provided us with keen insight regarding them and possible issues with the areas. We always felt Shelly was truly working as a buyer's agent. She always responded to our calls and emails timely and even called the county government to research possible issues with a property and new roads proposed. If you want an agent who will work for you and keep your interests at heart, then call Shelly Walters."

- Jeff T, Carmel, IN


Pictures of Home

""The pictures are great. You can tell you put a lot of time and effort into them. My husband stated that it is refreshing to have finally found a realtor that has a passion for her profession. He was amazed by the photographs and quality of work. A great improvement over our previous listing. Thank you Shelly for the tremendous effort put forward!""

- Marite M, Trafalgar, IN


Pictures of Listing

""Hi Shelly, My dad said, "That woman really knows how to take pictures!" The place looks great! I can see you put in a lot of hard work."

- Kathy K, Nineveh, IN


Purchasing a Home

"Our recent home search and subsequent purchase was the best experience we have had and we owe that to Shelly’s efforts. Our recent purchase was our third home to buy and we have used several other agents locally and in other states. Shelly by far worked harder than any we have used. We used the Internet to search for our properties and inundated Shelly with potential places; she researched all and provided us with keen insight regarding the properties and the possible issues with the areas. We always felt that Shelly was truly working as a buyer’s agent and kept us from potential harmful locations. Shelly always responded to our calls and emails timely and even called the county government to research possible issues with a property and new roads proposed. If you want an agent who will work for you and keep your interest at heart, then call Shelly Walters."

- Jeffrey T, Carmel, IN


Purchasing A Home

""Thank you so much for your assistance with my home purchase. It was a pleasure working with someone so efficient, responsive and quick with follow ups.""

- Amritha K, Fishers, IN


Purchasing a Home

""I felt Shelly was so easy to work with. She really did an amazing job in putting my interests first and handled the process very quickly and very professionally so I did not have to stress out too much on anything. I will definitely be recommending her as an efficient and professional realtor.""

- Mary M, Carmel, IN


Purchasing a Home

""Shelly is an awesome realtor, always professional and willing to show us numerous homes until we found the perfect one! Always went above and beyond making the buying process very positive. We are loving our new home""



Purchasing Second Home

""I just wanted to thank you for all the help and work you put into helping us buy our 2nd home in Indy. It was a great experience working with you. My wife and I were very happy with your promptness and help that we needed to her being in Chicago. Like I have mentioned before I am sure to recommend you to anyone who is in the market to buy/sell a house and my wife said she would be happy to write a review for you on any website of your liking."

- Aditya S, Fishers, IN


Returning Client

""We are so happy to be able to work with Shelly again. She has demonstrated her ability to do her job peerlessly and more...she has gone the extra mile time and again for us. We depend on Shelly and could not think more highly of're fortunate to have her on your team!""

- Peter L, Irvine, CA


Selling a Lake Home

""If you ever need any recommendations, please always feel free to contact me. You did a great job! My mom and I are pleased with the service you provided!""

- John B, Indianapolis, IN


Selling and Buying a Home

""Shelly is simply the best realtor! Our second home purchase with her went as well as the first! Constant personal attention was simply well above expectations. Every home I buy or sell in the future will be with Shelly and I will tell my associates to do the same! Clone Shelly for everyone!""

- Mike M, Fishers, IN


Selling Home

""Highly recommend going with Shelly. I moved out of state during the sale of my home and she helped make the process painless. Even helping with staging the home and making recommendations for improvements to help it sell faster. All in all our home was back on the market for less than a week before we had an offer.""

- Brian, R, Carmel, IN


Selling Home

""Shelly is the best-most professional-real estate sales person we have ever met. She has an excellent reputation in the industry and is very dedicated to providing the best service possible. She is very thorough on all aspects of preparation, very knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate and we are VERY happy to be working with her.""

- David B, Carmel, IN


Sold Lake Home

"Shelly sold my lake house. She is fabulous! "Shelly is a class act, very professional." Her marketing was above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely be recommending her to my family and friends."

- Denise H, Chicago, IL


Sold Lake Home

"Shelly was honest with us about marketing a price to sell. Strong marketing. Always available to talk, had technology solutions to manage process vs. face to face! A huge plus! I will be recommending her!"

- Vera S, Nineveh, IN


Sold Lake Home

"Shelly sold my lake house. She is fabulous! "Shelly is a class act, very professional." Her marketing was above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely be recommending her to my family and friends."

- Denise H, Chicago, IL


Selling Our Home

"“Shelly was our agent in trying to sell our home in Carmel. It was a long, long effort. She was behind us the whole way. It took 11 months in this economy, but she kept trying and she kept giving hints and advice on what to do to get the house sold. She was worth all of her fee and I would recommend her to anyone looking to deal with a quality realtor. She worked with us from the time we listed our home in April 2010 till it sold in March of 2011. She gave us advice about painting and getting work done. She felt strongly enough about the color of our woodwork to pay to have it painted with the understanding that we would pay her back when we sold our house. She worked with us on the contract to sell and got us the best deal we could. She also supported us after the sale when the buyer wanted more form us that was not our responsibility."

- Alice and Jay D., Carmel, IN



""I began working with Shelly after doing an intensive Internet search for a reputable and responsible real estate consultant for selling my home." Shelly "contacted me" as I had my house up as For Sale by Owner. "She impressed me and I decided to list with her. She has wonderful advice on improvements and staging and definitely went above and beyond my expectations with the staging of my home. Many times she came to turn on lights and fireplaces for showings. This is the 3rd home I have sold. She is a wonderful agent. I found her to be very helpful and a great communicator. I can think of nothing she could have done any better and I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.""

- Roy M. Carmel, IN



""We were buyers of a home in Carmel, IN while living in Oregon. Shelly was a very knowledgeable of the area and answered any questions/concerns quickly and efficiently. She made buying our house seem stress free. Would use her again if we ever need to buy/sell again""

- Kevin M. Carmel, IN


Selling a Home

""In selling a home, we found there is more to the process than relying on a reasonable list price and the MLS. Once the showings began, Shelly helped us understand what prospective buyers liked and, equally important, what they didn't like (but we could inexpensively address) about the property. Feedback from her was very regular. Things like "we are hearing room color as an objection; paint is cheap, let's try to make this objection go away." She coordinated tradesmen, painters, stagers to help sell the property, at a fair price, in a rather difficult real estate market. Shelly took a large portion of the burden of of us, making the process very manageable.""

- Keith D, Carmel, IN


Selling and Buying a Home

""Shelly Walters is the consumate professional. Her use of the web was valuable; she worked extremely hard. I do not think there is anything she could have done better. We sold and bought houses with Shelly. She fullfilled our expectations. You are a lucky company to have Shelly on your team.""

- Eric M, Fishers, IN


Lakefront Home Sold!!

""We began working with Shelly when our listing contract expired with Sweetwater Realty and Shelly contacted us. She handled the entire process very well. Shelly took a very personal interest and even checked on the house on numerous occasions. (Weekend Lake House.) There is nothing that Shelly could have done better. Shelly helped sell a second home on a lake in a very soft market. She did and excellent job and was very professional. We will be recommending Shelly to our friends and family."

- Mike and Kathy B, Carmel, IN


Fast Home Sell

"“Shelly helped me in listing, marketing, staging and selling my home and in the moving process. Shelly sold our home faster than what we expected. The only bad news is that we were in between houses for a few weeks. Shelly wasted no time preparing our home for the market. I had no plans to do half of what she recommended to get my house ready for the market. Most of the things Shelly suggested were of minimal cost. The nice thing is that she had a handyman, plumber, painters and movers ready to go. All of her recommendations were affordable, professional, punctual and dependable just like Shelly. She had us clean out our closets, get rid of some stuff, paint a couple of rooms, and replace some countertops. When Shelly got through staging my home I was almost unsure if I wanted to leave. Long story short, she sold my home in 3 weeks and for a little more than what I thought it would sell for based on my observations in the neighborhood and pulling sales flyers during my walks. Since the house sold so quickly we had nowhere to go immediately but she worked a deal and paid for a good portion of our storage with PACK RAT. I had used PACK RAT before and really liked them but I never expected her to pay for most of my storage expenses.
Shelly must have been more confident that I was in selling our house quickly because I assumed we would be in limbo for 3 or 4 months or longer. Shelly had a good selection of homes that met our criteria ready for viewing and we placed an offer within 2 weeks of our house being sold. It is a really scary time with real estate right now and I didn’t want to buy a house and learn my home was worth $10,000 less than I paid for it. I think we got a good deal and I think I could have made an expensive mistake without her. If you don’t have an agent that you really know, I would at least give her a call.”

- Catherine C., Carmel, IN


My Real Estate Consultant, My Friend

""Shelly is supremely honest, hard working, personable, and did I mention honest? Yes I did twice because she is beyond question looking out for my interests as a buyer and client and has never put her interests or desire to have a sale ahead of that. Her integrity id beyond reproach. I live in L.A. but am purchasing properties in Indy. At one point I had to stay in Indy to look at properties for over one week. She, knowing that I was there alone for so long, invited me to go to dinner with her and her husband. Far beyond the call of duty of a real estate agent. She has also taken an active interest in helping me rehab the property that I purchased. She has given me tips on decorating: she has helped deal with the contractors that are working on the house while i couldn't be there. All of this she has done out of her desire to provide a great service. She has gone the extra mile with no expectation of financial gain. I couldn't give anyone a higher recommendation. When I started working with Shelly, I called her my realtor. now I call her 2 things..My realtor and my friend.""

- Rick E. Los Angeles, CA



""We were fortunate to have Shelly referred to us while relocating to the Carmel area. She made the process of buying a home easy from start to finish. She understood our specific needs and focused in on those types of properties. She was comprehensive, knowledgeable and thorough at every step of the process. Her responsivesnness is absoulutely fantastic. She worked tirelessly to make sur our best interest was protected at al times."

- RB., Carmel, IN



""Shelly and her team were excellent during our relocation to the Indianapolis area. She was prompt with repsonses and kept us in the loop on everything. I would highly recommend her.""

- Tina B., Indianapolis, IN



""As a seller I found Shelly to be well planned (with) marketing, excellent communicator, diligent in her efforts with a number of little things that helped the sale to go forward. I found Shelly to go above and beyond my expectations." I would recommend her as a real estate consultant as there was "probably not" anything that could have been done better."

- Mike E. , Carmel, IN


Sold Land at the Lake

"Shelly sold my land at the lake in only a very few days on the market with a very nice price. She handled the entire process experty and professionally. I will definitely recommend her to my past clients and friends and highly recommend her as as a real estate professional."

- Shirley H, Nineveh, IN


Home Closings

""We work with Shelly on a regualr basis. Shelly had her team are always great to work with. They work very hard to get theri clients to the closing table.""

- Stacy T., Carmel, IN


Local Business Owner

""I must disclose my conflict of interest because Shelly sends me a lot of business. I'm the owner of a portable storage and moving company and I get a lot of referrals from Shelly. One thing everyone must know is that Shelly actually pays for all or a portion of my services depending on how extensive the customer's needs are. I work with hundreds of real estate agents and none exceed Shelly's desire to obtain the best price for her clients. Shelly makes every effort to prepare each property for market and thoroughly informs her clients of the pros and cons of any potential upgrade, repair, or aesthetic enhancement that could be made to increase the sales price or reduce the property's time on the market. I personally have been asked to perform several out of the ordinary tasks that would cost other customers express fees and special charges but because of Shelly's continued referrals and dedication we make every effort to please. Being associated with Shelly makes us look good and we're thankful to have the opportunity to serve her customers. I refer Shelly to my potential clients and i wouldn't do that if I didn't feel confident it would make my business look good.""

- Dave T, Indianapolis, IN



"" We have complete confidence in Shelly...she is one of those rare professionals who truly delivers value. We will always work with her when we have a real estate need in Indianapolis.""

- Peter L, Irvine, CA


Our Real Estate Consultant

""Shelly is our Realtor. We met Shelly and she showed us many houses. Shelly was very perceptive and professional. She was understandable of our needs and wants. She was helpful to find them. She was there on time and did a great job. I would use her again.""

- Patricia W., Brownsburg



""We found Shelly to be one of the most professional, personable and knowledgeable agents to work with in purchasing our new home! Being very inexperienced with the entire real estate process, we relied on Shelly in all the aspects of buying a home. She never disappointed us or made us feel like we were intruding on her time. We found her to be very organized, an excellent communicator and eager to put forth more effort in helping us with this transaction than any previous real estate agent we had contacted. She took the time to set up all appointments that were needed with contractors and third party service providers for all the work that was needed and kept us updated throughout the entire process. She has our lifetime business for any of our real estate needs and we will eagerly refer her to our family and friends.""

- Candy M, Carmel, IN


Selling Lakefront Home

"Shelly "did not give up on us on selling our house which was a difficult house to sell. She worked hard to market and sell our lakefront home. Shelly helped stage our house, made recommendations on paint, etc. She listed our home on many websites and publications." Through this process, "we made a friend and we wil definitely be recommending her to our family and friends." We have just one word for the overall process," GREAT!""

- Ray and Cheryl S., Nineveh, IN



""Shelly worked with me over ten months to help me find a perfect home for me and my family. She was excellent and always made time in short notice to show me a house which would just come off the market. She got to know my family and my family got to meet hers. Shelly handled the whole process with professionalism, punctuality and excellence.""

- Tahir M, Carmel, In


Selling a Home

""Shelly Walters Realty Group provided real estae broakerage service. They have assisted me in listing, staging and selling a home. They were very detailed in their approach.""

- Stehpanie D., Carmel, IN


HUD Home

""Shelly did an excellent job! With the many ups and downs of dealing with a HUD home, she was patient and stern with dealing with getting the answers I needed. She answered every question I had from the beginning to the end of the transaction. She is a very knowledgeable agent and taught me a lot about the home buying process. The service was by far everything I expected and more. She talked to me as a friend rather than a customer and is one of the best people I have ever worked with and I will be recommending her to anyone in the process of their home search.""

- Dustin K, Indianapolis, IN



"“Shelly provided me with her marketing strategies, a business plan and additional advice in regards to the marketing of my home. She promptly returned phone calls and responded to my emails. Overall, the experience was good. I was in a contract with another agent that was to expire in 3 weeks. I was also getting ready to leave town so my house was going to be vacant. I wanted to have my “back-up” plan for an agent before I left town in case my home didn’t sell by then. I contacted Shelly and told her about my current contract and that I was looking for a fresh look on my property. She advised me that she couldn’t really do much until my contract expired with my present real estate agent. She did send me her information packet and also mentioned that she reviewed my property on-line. Finally after I read her information packet, there was one thing that really stood out. Shelly will not pass you to another agent. Shelly is your agent. I didn’t realize how important this was until I experienced being “passed around.” My house did go under contract with a buyer under my current agent with about a week to go in the listing contract. Next time Shelly will be my first choice when we decide to by another property.""

- Joshua M., Ft. Collins, CO



"“ I had been looking to purchase a home in the town of Fishers from the middle of August and had certain criteria that I wanted to be fulfilled while buying the house. Shelly and her team were on top of it with all my requirements and showed me houses that really matched what I was looking for and very effective in quickly revising my needs as per my new found knowledge of house hunting as I moved from wanted a condo to a house. They were effective in setting up appointments on short notices and also being able to see the house as many as three times when I came to making the final decision. Overall the negotiating process was very smooth and (I) was guided through the process with a lot of patience as this was the first time buying a house. Extremely satisfied with the service and would recommend Shelly and her group to anyone who asks for a realtor.”"

- Aditya, Fishers, IN


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